Coastal & Community Affairs

What is the Coastal Fisheries Division?

The Coastal Fisheries Division deals with the development and management of community-based projects that provide benefits to the people in the community.  It is required to coordinate and consult with traditional leaders and local government councils during planning and development stages of the projects.  Furthermore, the Division coordinates and advises local communities with respect to the development of sustainable management plans for coastal fisheries resources. 

The Coastal Fisheries Division is also charged with ensuring community or public awareness of MIMRA policies/plans/regulations, and its role and capacity to provide assistance to communities while at the same time, ensuring the implementation of action plans and strategies in carrying out policy decisions by the Board, decisions or recommendations made by sub-regional, regional and international organizations that the RMI is a party to; and other policy related activities that concerns Coastal Fisheries.

Outer Islands Fish Market Center
The OIFMC, established in 2011, is located in Majuro near the Uliga dock, and sells fresh fish caught from outer islands within the RMI. The OIFMC also sells various fish produce such as fish jerky and fillet. For more information, refer to the OIFMC Brochure here, which details contact info, produce and services, and more. MIMRA's Ebeye location, the Kwajalein Atoll Fish Market Center, also sells fresh fish as well as local produce such as fruits and food plates.

Interested in hiring a boat? Refer to the MIMRA Vessel Hiring Policy which includes the application form for vessel hiring, as well as terms and conditions for vessel use.
For further details, contact:
Florence Edwards
Coastal Deputy Director
Melba White
Aquaculture Development Advisor
Benedict Yamamura
Coastal Chief Fisheries Officer