Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program II (PROPER)

Second Phase for Economic Resilience

What is PROPER?
A MIMRA Coastal Division staff member conducts an outreach interview on an outer island as part of developing locally-implemented resource management plans.
The Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) is a regional program supported by the World Bank in the Marshall Islands. The development objective of the Project is to strengthen the management of selected Pacific Islands oceanic and coast fisheries, and the critical habitats upon which they depend, as the basis for sustainable and increased economic benefits from this resource. PROP was implemented through Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) and has closed on September 30th, 2021, after a life span of six years of success and completed in a high note. With a successful closure, MIMRA foresee the capability for continuity to build on the achievements under the Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) Phase I to a Phase II for economic resilience. This request was approved by Cabinet on December 9, 2021 with a Cabinet Paper, to be included in the IDA20 for the World Bank Portfolio for RMI. A request for the same was sent to World Bank through the Minister of Finance. The proposed project duration for PROPER is six-years between December 2022 to December 2028.
The World Bank has approved the project preparation effective February 8th , 2022, for a period not more than 12 months to have the proposed activities identified and ready prior to the implementation. During this preparation period, MIMRA is on retroactive financing upon approval by the MIMRA Board. MIMRA had proactively re-engaged the PMU project staff from PROP I to continue with the project management for PROPER. The World Bank Task Team for PROPER project and MIMRA are collaboratively working with the development of project investments with an overall envelope of US$18 million IDA allocations.
Presently, MIMRA is working actively with the Central Implementation Unit (CIU) from the Division of International Development Assistance(DIDA) within the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank Task Team for the project to prepare all Project Appraisal Documents to be submitted to the World Bank for formal approval of funding. The target is to have the Financing Agreement for the PROPER project finalized and signed by December 2022 and have the project effectiveness for implementation by February 2023.
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A Reimaanlok (Looking to the Future) workshop was held in Majuro with Coastal Management Advisory Council members to update the Reimaanlok Facilitator’s Guide in preparation for a 2018 workshop with IUCN to update the “Reimaanlok: Conservation Area Plan of the Marshall Islands” document.
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For further details, contact:
Rusila Bituwaqa
Project Coordinator
Joan Quijano
Proper Finance Officer
Roselin Matundan
Project Assistant