Port Entry

MIMRA PSM system
The Marshall Islands have gradually implemented Port State Measures since 2017 as PSMA non-party. And PSM is a fundamental element of its overall port operations system.
As such, the approaches and systems developed specifically in RMI are consistent with the FFA PSM Framework.
This key role is enhanced by the recent (Dec 2017) WCPFC PSM CMM that will guide the operation of MIMRA's PSM operational scheme, in line with title §506 Port State Measures of the Act.
MIMRA PSM already includes requirements related to prior notification of port entry, use of designated ports, restrictions on port entry and  port use in terms of landing/transhipment of fish, restrictions on supplies and services, documentation requirements and port inspections, as well as related measures, such as IUU vessel listing, trade-related measures and sanctions.
The objective of MIMRA’s PSM system is not specifically aimed at implementing the PSMA. Rather it seeks to implement arrangements that are consistent with the objectives of the PSMA. The decision to ratify the PSMA, is
being considered once reporting requirements are finalised.
The system described below is to be followed by any foreign-flagged and domestic fishing vessels and carriers
requiring port entry in Majuro, our only designated port for FV.
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Port Entry
The Marshall Islands require the use of an agent to request port entry, and we worked on formalising that process and interaction through a website application called MIMRA Web App on which all agents log in and submit a port entry request. The authorised agents are:

Kendall Micronesia Inc.
Kingsley Aloka
Kendall Micronesia Inc.
Angella Yen
Koos Fishing Company Ltd.
Orlando Paul
Koos Fishing Company Ltd.
Dion Muller
Koos Fishing Company Ltd.
Chun Mu Wang
M-GAS Shipping Co.
Arthmen Laukon
M-GAS Shipping Co.
Jacob Amram
Marshall Islands Fishing Ventures
Venhur Daquiado
Marshall Islands Fishing Ventures
Jin Liang
Jojo Kramer
Pan Pacific Fishing
Steven Shen
Ralik Ratak Fishing Co.
Iohaan Anjolok
Robert Reimers Enterprises
Romeo Reimers
Twin Shipping Agency
Lee Jaeguk
Uliga Fishing Agency
Crispin Mark

The minimum time of request for a vessel not in the WCPFC register is 72 hr. Vessels not in the WCPFC register are assessed on a case by cases basis, and port entry is not guaranteed. The basis of the port entry analysis is of equivalent measures to the vessels whose entry is granted.
For vessels in the FFA Vessels of Good Standing List and the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessel, the minimum time is 48hr. Port entry is granted, and the MIMRA assessment focuses on port use.
For licensed FVs fishing in RMI waters, the minimum is 24 hrs, yet 48 is preferable.

Force Majeure and humanitarian reasons are the only exemptions to these time frames

Port Use
Every incoming fishing vessel (including RMI flagged) goes through a risk assessment that creates the Arriving Vessel Intelligence Report (AVIR).
The intelligence analysis and risk determination allow for the identification of risks in three different categories corresponding to three steps in the analysis, including (i) identity – whether the vessel is who it says it is, (ii) manoeuvring – the vessel’s activity and operations and whether these were adequately reported, and (iii) licensing – whether the vessel is allowed to be in the location it was.
The risk analysis performed by MIMRA is focused on fishing vessels to assess the legality of the catch and on carriers' activities not directly related to transhipments.
Vessels Inspection at Port
MIMRA maintains a rate of 100% inspection on all foreign vessels, including fishing and carrier vessels, and port use is conditional to having a formal authorisation by the MIMRA officer.
Port use will be delayed when information regarding a vessel’s activities is not forthcoming or when no clear explanation is given.
Boarding officers are fundamental to MIMRA’s responsibilities as a responsible Port State. In case of identified noncompliance and potentially illegal behaviour, port use in not granted, and the officers oversee seizing evidence, including master/captain vessel’s documents and catch gear and vessel.
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For further details, contact:
Melvin Silk
MCS Officer
Stephen L. Domenden
Fisheries Officer (Boarding & Inspection)
Stevenson Graham
Fisheries Officer (Boarding & Inspection)